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Material and Outputs

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Asteroid Day 2020

You can learn something about Asteroids, NEOs and NEOROCKS with us at Asteroid Day 2020.

Material in Italian:

Material in Spanish:

Material in French:

Work Package Progress

NEOROCKS wants to set up an efficient system able to link up NEO astrometric and physical follow-up observations. Each project work package contributes to this system:

  • WP1 – Project Coordination and Management
  • WP2 – Education and Outreach
  • WP3 – Observations and Data Analysis
  • WP4 – Orbit Characterization
  • WP5 – Data Management
  • WP6 – International Cooperation

To find out more about Observations and Data Analysis so far, have a look at our NEOROCKS_WP3_Summary-Year01. Orbit Characterization progress is detailed in NEOROCKS_WP4_Summary-Year01.