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Within the Asteroid family, the Near Earth Objects (NEO)

are bodies whose orbits bring them to proximity with Earth. Occasionally, asteroids’ orbital paths are influenced by the gravitational tug of planets and their paths are altered. Scientists believe stray asteroids or fragments from collisions have crashed into Earth in the past and that these have played a role in the evolution of planet Earth.

Running from 01 January 2020, NEOROCKS can track and study NEOs. How? Cooperation among different teams of expert astronomers and using sophisticated instrumentation and theoretical models.

NEOROCKS scientists study the NEOs’ dynamical and physical properties. Why? To determine their orbit and characterize their nature, in particular those that could collide with the Earth.

Find out more about our project in our SUMMARY page and about our Team on our Consortium and Advisory Board pages. If you are new to all this, please see our Glossary to find out what all the terminology means.

We will keep you up to date with our News and you can visit our Scientific Outputs and Outreach pages for updates and results.

And if you need anything else or if you just want to get to know NEOROCKS a bit better, please get in touch.