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Asteroid Day 2022

NEOROCKS events and presentations all over Europe for Asteroid Day 2022!

First up Futuro24, the scientific section of Italian national TV channel RAI, leads us into Asteroid Day with a session on “Defending the Earth from Asteroids”, featuring NEOROCKS and our very own Project Coordinator Elisabetta Dotto. It also introduces us to the NASA Dart mission to redirect an asteroid, the LICIACube cubesat and the ESA HERA Mission.

Then, take a trip to Stromboli with Ettore Perozzi from the Italian Space Agency. Mixing asteroids and culture……

And for all you mini-neorockers, we haven’t forgotten about you!! Our Asteroid Day special newsletter is all for you. Download here the “Ask the Neorockers” mini-newsletter that answers all your questions about Asteroids.

Asteroid Day 2021

Neorocks4Kids premiered for Asteroid Day 2021, with a series of videos designed to introduce children to asteroids, NEOs, asteroid names and telescopes. Videos are available in English and with subtitles in Spanish and Italian.

Asteroid Day 2020

You can learn something about Asteroids, NEOs and NEOROCKS with us from our presentations during Asteroid Day 2020.

Material in Italian:

Material in Spanish:

Material in French:


The first issue of our NEOROCKS Newsletter is available! Download the full copy here!

Or check out the various articles in this issue: