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Author: Jessica Huntingford

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Remember we told you about the naming of the Asteroids in our #NEOROCKS4Kids video, with the Italian Space Agency. We said that Asteroids could be named by the person that discovered them and could be named after whoever deserves a place in the sky. Well, who could be more deserving that the health and civil protection services that have been by

Here at NEOROCKS, we are loving the World Space Week and this year's celebration of Women in Space. Among the many events, have a listen to the interview with Maruška Strah, Executive Director of World Space Week Association and mentor at UNOOSA’s Space4Women programme.  NEOROCKS supports women in space from an early age, starting with our young mini-Neorockers! Photo from official poster of

Tonight is the European Researchers' Night. We are talking about a Europe-wide public event, taking place in 29 countries! The European Researchers' Night gives us a chance to learn from research projects across Europe and beyond. Find the events near you here and follow the European Researchers' Night on Facebook and Twitter   Photo by JJ Ying on Unsplash

For Asteroid Day 2021, join us for the launch of Neorocks4Kids! Neorocks4Kids uses 3 short videos to share our project with children, the next generation, the mini-Neorockers! With a little help from own mini-neorocker Clara, our Neorockers will tell us about asteroids, about how to spot and name an asteroid and about the telescopes we need to do it. Tune in to #Neorocks4Kids

Osiris-Rex is coming home. Nasa's robotic prospector reached asteroid Bennu in 2018 and spent two years flying near and around it, before collecting rubble from the surface in October 2020. It is estimated that the spacecraft has collected between 200gr to 400gr of samples, cited as Nasa’s biggest cosmic haul since the Apollo moon rocks. The trip back home started yesterday and

We have just launched our NEOROCKS YouTube Channel. We’ll be updating it regularly and for now you can find our partners e-lightning talks from the 7th IAA Planetary Defense Confererence. It’s Friday, settle down this evening with a glass of wine and some popcorn and learn some more about Near Earth Objects! Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

Hot of the press! Our own Ettore Perozzi from the Italian Space Agency was interviewed for the Horizon Magazine. Have a look here at what he had to say about “how do we know if an asteroid headed our way is dangerous?” and about what NEOROCKS is doing to assess the threat of near earth objectives in rapid time. Photo by Elena Mozhvilo