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Author: Jessica Huntingford

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NEOROCKS is! We’ve already been live on Asteroid Day TV with the ESA-Italy Planetary Defense session, moderated by Ettore Perozzi from ASI and featuring our coordinator Elisabetta Dotto, INAF. Missed that? Don’t worry, it will be showing again on ESA TV on the 30th and you can check it out here. Then on Friday 26 June, we were on Italian national television

While the grown-ups wait for Asteroid Day, and try desperately to get through never ending lockdown and school closures, how about something for the kids? We love ESA Kids! It tells us about Asteroids in simple language (so we know how to explain it to our kids, nieces and nephews, grandchildren…) and brings up the dinosaurs (let’s face it, dinosaurs get

So here we are, sharing some more about the fascinating world of Asteroids. Today, we turn to the experts at ESA to tell us more about how Asteroids are built. What? You thought they were all just big lumps of rock? Think again! Have a look at this “Structure and composition of asteroids” to get you started. The NEOROCKERS can tell you

Our Neorocker, Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS), was at the European Southern Observatory just before it was temporarily shut down, due to the global health emergency. CAS had an observing run at the 1.54-m Danish telescope on the La Silla station of the European Southern Observatory in Chile from March 16 to 23. They took rich photometric

An asteroid over 1 mile (2km) wide passes relatively close to Earth, today April 29 2020. While Asteroid 1998 OR2 is considered a "close approach" by astronomers, it it still very far away: The asteroid will come to about 3.9 million miles (6.3 million kilometres) away, passing more than 16 times farther away than the Moon. The Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico

The COVID-19 emergency sweeping the globe means that NEOROCKS partners are all working from home, starting from the coordinator where lock down measures in Italy have been widely instated. No access to the telescopes, so observation is out for now. However, we are still working, ensuring that our project gets off to the best possible start. Email, telephone, video conferencing

Excited to get started with the NEOROCKS project this week! The 14 consortium partners met up virtually on 20th January, to start getting to know each other and to start reflecting on how to take their tasks forward in the project. We learned about each partners’ specific expertise and areas of interest and we talked about how to fit these together