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NEOWISE. Have you heard this name over the past few days? Have you seen some of the beautiful pictures with flashes of light flying over the Northern hemisphere? Did the name sound familiar? If you thought there might be a link with NEOROCKS, you were right! The NEO prefix indicates that we are talking about a Near Earth Object, a body whose

ESA’s Gaia mission was launched in 2013 to construct a three-dimensional map of our galaxy. Here at NEOROCKS we are interested, because Gaia can also be useful when it comes to asteroids! While scanning the sky and mapping the stars, Gaia might spot moving targets. Some of these will be bodies that have already been detected previously. Others could be a new

NEOROCKS is! We’ve already been live on Asteroid Day TV with the ESA-Italy Planetary Defense session, moderated by Ettore Perozzi from ASI and featuring our coordinator Elisabetta Dotto, INAF. Missed that? Don’t worry, it will be showing again on ESA TV on the 30th and you can check it out here. Then on Friday 26 June, we were on Italian national television

While the grown-ups wait for Asteroid Day, and try desperately to get through never ending lockdown and school closures, how about something for the kids? We love ESA Kids! It tells us about Asteroids in simple language (so we know how to explain it to our kids, nieces and nephews, grandchildren…) and brings up the dinosaurs (let’s face it, dinosaurs get

So here we are, sharing some more about the fascinating world of Asteroids. Today, we turn to the experts at ESA to tell us more about how Asteroids are built. What? You thought they were all just big lumps of rock? Think again! Have a look at this “Structure and composition of asteroids” to get you started. The NEOROCKERS can tell you